A HAM Radio Club supporting our local community in Griffin, GA and the surrounding area.

K4CXS - Spalding County Amateur Radio Club wants to spread our message of fellowship in the amateur radio community, improve our skills in a time of need, and provide guidance to anyone interested in this great hobby.



The Spalding County Amateur Radio Club is authorized by the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) to conduct video supervised testing for both new amateur radio licenses and license class upgrades.


The response to this type of testing has been tremendous and we have a fast-growing list of applicants. Please be patient with this new process. It may take a while to get to you, but we will do so in turn. It is also important to note that we cannot guarantee a specific date for your testing.



If you are interested in being tested, you MUST follow these instructions. Please send an email to virtualtestingarrl@gmail.com with the following information in the body of your email so that we may process your request as quickly as possible:

1. Full Name

2. Whether or not you have an amateur radio license

3. Send your call sign and license class if you are already licensed

4. Mailing address

5. Telephone Number

6. Valid email address

7. Which exam you would like to sit for? (Technician, General, or Extra Class)

8. Verify you have the following available to you:

a. High speed Internet service (DSL or Dial-up is not acceptable...Satellite is iffy)

b. Two devices with video capability that can connect to the Zoom program or App

c. Ability to use the Adobe Acrobat DC program's "Fill & Sign" feature (or other PDF document manager)

d. Scanner and printer capability

9. Finally, you must fill out and sign the following three forms and return them with your email in PDF format (Be CERTAIN to save them to your computer):

a. NCVEC 605 Application Form (be sure to include your FRN number)

b. Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE)

c. Written Element Examination Answer Sheet


a. Please fill out only the sections with your personal information. Exam date, location, test number, and VEC related sections should be left blank.

b. When filling out the forms, you may use a computer-generated signature such as is available in the Adobe “fill & sign” feature. Do not simply type your name where it asks for a signature.

c. When saving the documents, please put your name as an identifier along with the form name so that we can ensure they don’t get lost.

d. You must have an FRN. If you do not yet have an FRN number, please go to the FCC website and request one. The link to that site is here: https://apps.fcc.gov/coresWeb/publicHome.do

e. If you already have an amateur radio license, you must provide us with a copy of your FCC license.


Once you have submitted the above information and documents…but not before…we will schedule you for a Pre-Exam Video Interview during which we will go over the testing requirements with you. After all requirements have been met, a video supervised amateur radio examination will be scheduled.

If you have any questions about these instructions or about our testing process, send an email to virtualtestingarrl@gmail.com and we will get back with you.


Thank you and 73,

Chuck Clark, NQ3I

President, Spalding County Amateur Radio Club



Here at K4CXS - Spalding County Amateur Radio Club, we are a group of FCC licensed amateur radio operators that meet the 3rd Saturday of each month in The Women's Center of Wellstar Spalding Medical Center for purposes of club activities, community involvement, and provide Volunteer Examiners for the organizations of ARRL and W5YI for testing of new hams and current licensed amateur radio operators wanting to upgrade their license.

               K4CXS By-Laws                  K4CXS Membership Application



K4CXS - Spalding County Amateur Radio Club conducts a weekly net, each Monday at 8:30 pm, on the WB4GWA repeater.  The repeater's frequency is 145.390 with a minus offset and PL Tone of 110.9.  Any licensed ham is encouraged and welcome to check in with us.

Where you can find us hanging out

Local Repeaters

WB4GWA - Frequency 145.390 - Minus Offset - PL Tone 110.9 - FM Repeater

K4HYB - Frequency 146.910 - Minus Offset - PL Tone 88.5 - FM Repeater

NQ4AE - Frequency 443.550 - Plus Offset - FM Repeater

W4AMI - Frequency 145.480 - Minus Offset - DSTAR Repeater - Usually Linked to Reflector 030 B

W4SCP - Frequency 443.600 - Plus Offset - PL Tone 110.9 - FM Repeater linked to 145.390 

WB4GWA - Frequency 145.250 - Minus Offset - PL Tone 110.9 - FM Repeater

WB4GWA - Frequency 443.400 - Plus Offfset - PL Tone 110.9 - FM Repeater



With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge. Several of our members are active in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, providing communication operators to Wellstar Spalding Medical Center during times of disaster.  We also participate in the National Weather Service's Skywarn Storm Spotter program, providing vital emergency communications during severe weather events.


At K4CXS - Spalding County Amateur Radio Club, we have a team of Volunteer Examiners credentialed through the organizations of ARRL and W5YI, to provide testing to any new HAM wanting to obtain their license, and also to currently licensed HAMS needing to upgrade their license.  Our upcoming testing sessions can be found below.

Now performing VIRTUAL TESTING.  See information at top of page.

Upcoming Events

  • Time is TBD
    Virtual using ZOOM
    We are approved by ARRL-VEC to perform virtual testing. See instructions at top of main page.


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