A HAM Radio Club supporting our local community in Griffin, GA and the surrounding area.

K4CXS - Spalding County Amateur Radio Club wants to spread our message of fellowship in the amateur radio community, improve our skills in a time of need, and provide guidance to anyone interested in this great hobby.



Location: 4328 Jackson Rd, Griffin, GA 30223, USA


VEC: American Radio Relay League (ARRL-VEC)


Congratulations on being ready to take your Amateur Radio License exam. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN LAPTOP COMPUTER OR TABLET TO TAKE THIS EXAM. EXAM FEE PAYMENT After registering on HamStudy.org you will receive an email from CClark1414@gmail.com within approximately 2 days with payment instructions for your exam. Do not send payment until you receive these instructions. (If you don’t receive this email within 2 days of registering, please check your spam folder.) The $15 exam fee may be paid by your choice of Venmo, or PayPal. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept other forms of payment at this time. Important note: You MUST PAY THE FEE within 48 hours of receipt of that email or you will be de-registered to make room for someone else. If we don’t receive your payment within 48 hours of receipt of payment instructions, we may, at our discretion, cancel your exam reservation to make room for other applicants. MULTIPLE REGISTRATIONS NOT ALLOWED Please do not register for multiple exam sessions (with ours or other VE teams) with the intention of missing later sessions once you pass at an earlier session: By doing so you are denying other candidates the opportunity to register and generating extra work and lost time for the VEs. This exam session is brought to you by K4CXS – Spalding County Amateur Radio Club in Griffin, GA.


Thank you and 73,

Chuck Clark, NQ3I

President, Spalding County Amateur Radio Club



Here at K4CXS - Spalding County Amateur Radio Club, we are a group of FCC licensed amateur radio operators that meet the 3rd Saturday of each month in The Women's Center of Wellstar Spalding Medical Center for purposes of club activities, community involvement, and provide Volunteer Examiners for the organizations of ARRL and W5YI for testing of new hams and current licensed amateur radio operators wanting to upgrade their license.

               K4CXS By-Laws                  K4CXS Membership Application



K4CXS - Spalding County Amateur Radio Club conducts a weekly net, each Monday at 8:30 pm, on the WB4GWA repeater.  The repeater's frequency is 145.390 with a minus offset and PL Tone of 110.9.  Any licensed ham is encouraged and welcome to check in with us.

Where you can find us hanging out

Local Repeaters

WB4GWA - Frequency 145.390 - Minus Offset - PL Tone 110.9 - FM Repeater

K4HYB - Frequency 146.910 - Minus Offset - PL Tone 88.5 - FM Repeater

NQ4AE - Frequency 443.550 - Plus Offset - FM Repeater

W4AMI - Frequency 145.480 - Minus Offset - DSTAR Repeater - Usually Linked to Reflector 030 B

W4SCP - Frequency 443.600 - Plus Offset - PL Tone 110.9 - FM Repeater linked to 145.390 

WB4GWA - Frequency 145.250 - Minus Offset - PL Tone 110.9 - FM Repeater

WB4GWA - Frequency 443.400 - Plus Offfset - PL Tone 110.9 - FM Repeater



With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge. Several of our members are active in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, providing communication operators to Wellstar Spalding Medical Center during times of disaster.  We also participate in the National Weather Service's Skywarn Storm Spotter program, providing vital emergency communications during severe weather events.


At K4CXS - Spalding County Amateur Radio Club, we have a team of Volunteer Examiners credentialed through the organizations of ARRL and W5YI, to provide testing to any new HAM wanting to obtain their license, and also to currently licensed HAMS needing to upgrade their license.  Our upcoming testing sessions can be found below.

Now performing VIRTUAL TESTING.  See information at top of page.

Upcoming Events

  • In-person License Testing - Ongoing  Click on RSVP for full info
    Time is TBD
    Griffin, 4328 Jackson Rd, Griffin, GA 30223, USA
    In-person testing has resumed


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